Survey Class

Seismic Survey Vessel

Vessel Details

The seismic survey vessel is designed to perform offshore seismic exploration and collect 2D and 3D geological data with minimal disruption to the environment. Delivered from ST Marine in Singapore in 2011, the Pacific Finder has a fuel capacity to endure extended periods offshore and is purpose-built for shallow water operations. The survey vessel is managed by SPO and has a proven track record for efficient services in different survey locations.

  • Pacific Finder

    Brake Horsepower - 7721 bHP

    Maximum Draft Midship - 5.26 m

    Number of Streamers - 6

    Compressors Operating Air Capacity - 2200 cfm

    IMO No. - 9548495

    Class Notation - ABS +A1, Ice Class D0 , Circle E, +AMS, +ACCU