K Class

High Speed Crew Catamaran

Vessel Details

The K Class is a high-speed crew catamaran which provides a safe and cost-efficient transport alternative for the offshore energy industry. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for enhanced navigational capabilities, the catamaran is fitted with a DP2 DYNPOS AUTR system for accurate station-keeping during passenger transfers offshore. This Class is designed to carry and use motion compensated gangways to facilitate offshore personnel transfer (including emergency evacuations) in a fast, easy and safe manner. The catamaran is FiFi1 capable and is powered by a water jet propulsion system with a four-engine configuration generating 11,520 kW (15,442 bHP), allowing a speed of up to 40 knots.  Manned to operate 24/7, she can safely transport up to 90 passengers and carry deck cargo up to a maximum weight of 100 t.

  • Pacific Kestrel

    Free Deck Area - 230 m²

    Brake Horsepower - 15442 bHP

    Knots Speed - 40 kts

    Seating Capacity - 90 passengers

    IMO No. - 9782065

    Class Notation - DNV-GL +1A1 HSLC Crew Fire fighter(Capability) DYNPOS(AUTR) R1