Career Opportunities

As an employee of Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO), you will develop an individual development plan with your manager upon joining the company. This development plan will be reviewed on an annual basis. SPO offers a combination of internal and external training programmes including our in-house Operational Leader Development Programme (OLDP) and Team Leader Development Programme (TLDP) for our shore-based employees. We have two dedicated training centres, Swire Marine Training Centre (SMTC) and Ghana Marine Training Centre (GMTC) that aim to provide ongoing training to ensure that our seafarers are well-trained to manage our diverse fleet of vessels. 

Join-us_-pexels-photo-533444-(2).jpgAll individuals are required to go through a formal recruitment process prior to being offered employment with SPO. We may use recruitment agencies and advertising channels during our search for talent to join our workforce. However, we do not request for financial transfers or monetary transactions of any form throughout the recruitment process. It has come to our attention that various individuals and organisations have contacted people offering false employment opportunities with SPO. Such fraudulent scams are intended to steal from people and SPO is committed to reduce the risk of such fraudulent scams. Please note that no one is required to make any payments for employment at SPO or to any organisation that recruit on our behalf at any point in the recruitment process.

Should you be contacted by anyone whom you suspect may not be appropriately representing SPO, please inform your local authorities and inform us. Kindly forward the original email that you have received including the subject, email and information relating to the job opportunity for both seafaring positions and shore-based positions so that we can take actions to prevent people from falling prey to such scams.

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