Get Home Safe

Get Home Safe Rules 

The Get Home Safe Rules were developed and published in 2018 to provide practical guidance for all SPO employees who carry out, or are responsible for, activities with particular potential to cause serious injuries or accidents, especially fatalities. These Rules serve as a strong reminder for all employees, in particular, SPO's seagoing employees on key safety requirements intended to keep everyone safe. They must be followed and adhered to at all times. 

The Get Home Safe Rules are:

  1. Risk Assessment 
  2. ​Management of Change 
  3. Permit to Work
  4. Confined Spaces 
  5. Driving 
  6. System Isolation 
  7. Lifting 

To communicate the Get Home Safe Rules more effectively, a poster was designed to incorporate all seven rules, memorable icons and their corresponding key requirement to allow for ease of reference. These posters have been delivered to all of SPO's global offices and vessels in the SPO fleet, and are referenced in daily operations.


SPO's Get Home Safe Rules Poster

In addition, all seafarers have received their individual Get Home Safe booklets. The booklets are designed to be light, thin and easy to carry for the convenience of the users on board. The booklet provides elaboration and key reminders on each rule. Our seafarers are encouraged to use these booklets as an aide-memoire when carrying out activities which have the potential to cause workplace injuries or accidents, in particular serious ones. 

A6-Get-Home-Safe-booklet_Page_03.png   A6-Get-Home-Safe-booklet_Page_05.png

Extracts from SPO's Get Home Safe Rules Booklet

Communicating the message of Get Home Safe 
In 2016, SPO developed and produced a Get Home Safe DVD which comprises two short video stories featuring real-life accounts of our seafarers who were involved in accidents at work and the invaluable lessons learnt. Synonymous to the title, the Get Home Safe series seeks to remind our seafarers to be vigilant at work, to follow safety procedures and most importantly, to Get Home Safe

Get Home Safe Edition I (2014) 
A miscalculated risk at work caused an irreversible damage that he deeply regrets. Chief Officer, Gareth Hosken shares the painful ordeal and how it has changed his life and work. 

Get Home Safe Edition II (2016) 
Chief Engineer, Ruben Tagalog has 25 years of working experience in the industry. Yet a shortcut at work resulted in a severe injury which landed him in the hospital. Hear from him as he recounts the unfortunate incident which could have been avoided and his advice to others. 

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