Swire Seabed and WeSubsea introduce Swire Excavator, an innovative multi-purpose subsea tool carrier and dredging vehicle

18 Dec 2014

Swire Seabed and WeSubsea are proud to present the Seabed Excavator, a newly commissioned, highly efficient, multipurpose subsea tool carrier and dredging vehicle capable of working at 2500 metres water depth. Designed in partnership between Swire Seabed and WeSubsea, the Seabed Excavator provides innovative, turn-key solutions to meet our cients’ needs. The Seabed Excavator uses hardware and software from a Perry Slingsby XLX ROV, combined with Kaiser Excavator body, to make a robust and versatile subsea system. The system is delivered with a Kongsberg Evotec Active Heave Compensated LARS system which allows the vehicle to be launched and recovered in wave heights of up to 4 metres. This significantly increases the weather window in which the Seabed Excavator can be launched and recovered when compared with launch by a crane.


Seabed Excavator, Swire Seabed's multipurpose subsea tool carrier and dredging vehicle

Seabed Excavator, Swire Seabed's multipurpose subsea tool carrier and dredging vehicle

The Seabed Excavator’s compact design and proven technology set a new standard for subsea excavators. The dredging system, provided by WeSubsea, is amongst the most reliable and efficient in the market, and is manufactured with minimal parts to increase operational dependability. The control room, workshop and power control system are each housed in an individual 20” container, with the LARS system and winch on a separate grillage. The Seabed Excavator is capable of running high powered ejectors of 12”, 14” and 16” generating up to 4800 m3/h flow of water through the ejector.

The lightweight ejectors, designed by WeSubsea, are made from titanium to increase operational reliability. The main roles of the Seabed Excavator are: excavating & dredging, decommissioning, removal/relocation of drill cutting and rock dump, removal and recovery of subsea structures, cutting and grinding, handling of cargo from ship wrecks, seabed sampling, spud can operations, subsea well drill centres and scour protections. The Seabed Excavator is currently mobilised on board Seabed Worker and is available prompt in Bergen.

For further details on the Seabed Excavator’s availability and capabilities, please visit our website www.swireseabed.com or contact us directly. A video of the Seabed Excavator in action is available on our website or by following this link: www.vimeo.com/114774309 For more information on WeSubsea, please visit WeSubsea’s website at www.wesubsea.no