Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) sponsors Singaporean Undergraduate Management Trainees

28 Sep 2012

SPO has pledged its support for the MaritimeONE (OutreachNEtwork) scholarship programme for the second year running. In 2013, SPO will sponsor Ms. Toh Yahui Jermaine for her last two years' of study for a Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies at Nanyang Technological University, and Mr. Thiness Kumar Tamil Selvam (Jay) for his two year Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Marine Engineering. This is a joint programme run by Newcastle University, taken locally at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, but with one term spent in Newcastle in North East England. The scholarship ceremony is organised by Maritime Foundation. Both scholarship recipients have an opportunity to join SPO after completing their studies. SPO supports this programme because it seeks to invest in the future of Singapore through educating young people, and it will help Singapore grow to be a world class Maritime Cluster. The programme also develops a local management cadre as an integral part of our internal succession planning. We welcome the MaritimeONE programme as a means of identifying dedicated young Singaporeans and introducing them to the first rung of the management ladder in an important sector for the local economy. We sincerely hope that both Jermaine and Jay will join SPO and enjoy their time with the company.