Swire Pacific Offshore was presented the Sustainable Business Award for Business Responsibility and Ethics at the Responsible Business Forum held in Singapore

04 Dec 2014

Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) was presented the Sustainable Business Award (SBA) for Business Responsibility and Ethics at the inaugural Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development held in Singapore on Tuesday, 25 November 2014.

“SPO is honoured to receive the award from the respected and expert panel of judges. The company will continue to deepen the integration of sustainability as an essential part of how we manage and operate our business. Moving forward, we will increase our communication of how sustainability adds value to SPO and its communities to all our stakeholders”, said General Manager, Sustainable Development of SPO, Simon Bennett.

SPO's General Manager, Simon Benett (middle) with the rest of the award winners at the Responsible Business Forum.

General Manager, Sustainable Development, Simon Bennett (right) receiving the award from the organisers.

SBA represents the only corporate sustainability awards in Asia based on the unique and comprehensive methodology co-developed with sustainability advisory, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Organised by Global Initiatives, in partnership with PwC, SBA aims to heighten awareness of best practices in sustainable business and demonstrate how having a sustainable business not only adds value to the company but is also beneficial to both the company’s stakeholder communities and the environment. SBA also seeks to recognise and celebrate organisations that have truly incorporated sustainability objectives into their long term business strategy.

"The Sustainable Business Awards validate the companies which are leading the way in sustainable business whilst also aiming to inspire all businesses, large and small, to make sustainability the foundation of their corporate mission and brand,” said CEO of Global Initiatives, SD Forum organiser, Tony Gourlay.

The awards criteria included a quantitative assessment of companies' environmental impact and efforts to improve the well-being of the people under their employment, in their supply chain and in their local communities. This allows companies to demonstrate their awareness of the scale of their impact on both the social and natural environments in which they operate and that steps are being taken to manage them in data-driven and systematic way. SPO received the award for Business Responsibility and Ethics and was recognised for the following achievements:

  1. Strong commitment to operating ethically, prudently, responsibly and safely
  2. Corporate requirement for suppliers to abide by its robust Supplier Code of Conduct which covers areas such as discrimination and rights, child labour and health and safety.
  3. Enforcement of regular audits of their suppliers, not only to ensure compliance with this policy, but also to identify opportunities on how they can work together towards achieving SPO’s sustainable development goals.

SPO strives to go beyond the minimum requirements of legislation and follow the highest standards on environmental, health and safety, human rights and labour practices, business ethics and community issues. The company constantly seeks to improve the internal processes and practices to ensure that they are aligned with its Sustainable Development principles. The company is also strongly committed to its target of achieving Net Zero Environmental Impact, through proactive management in its offices across the globe and on board vessels.

On 24 November 2014, SPO issued a press release to highlight the installation of an extensive solar panel system at Altus Logistics, a subsidiary company of SPO, as part of its ongoing efforts to reduce electrical consumption and carbon footprint. This significant installation utilises a 116.28kWp Photovoltaic Grid-tied (PV) system that generates renewable clean energy from sunlight to facilitate the daily operations of Altus Logistics and is believed to bring about an estimated annual savings of USD 39,000 on electrical bills for Altus Logistics.To view the list of sustainable development principles and initiatives of SPO, please refer to Appendix A.

In 2013, SPO was conferred the Sustainable Business Award (Large Enterprise) at the Singapore Sustainability Awards 2013 organised by the Singapore Business Federation and was recognised as one of the top 14 eco-friendly companies in Singapore. In 2010, SPO received a commendation award for Singapore Awards for Sustainability Reporting organised by ACCA and was one of the nine finalists for the same award in 2011. SPO also received the Singapore Environmental Council Eco Office Certification for three consecutive times since 2010.


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