SPO employees bring joy to children at Life Student Centre through Project Painting Smiles

Completed mural paintings that showcase elements of designs created by the children.

On 6 December, SPO rallied 13 volunteers to partake in the annual community partnership programme, Project Painting Smiles. The roving art initiative led by grassroot organisation, Singapore Central CDC, aims to create vibrant community spaces with like-minded corporate partners in Singapore through mural painting. This is the fourth mural painting project that SPO has undertaken to bring cheer and colour to underprivileged communities in Singapore.

IMG_4269.JPG  IMG_4175.JPG
SPO volunteers working together as a team to add colours to the walls in the centre. Volunteers had to use the ladder to reach the higher portions of the wall to complete the murals.

This year, SPO partnered Life Community Services Society – Life Student Centre, a non-profit organisation that supports children from underprivileged families. Our volunteers worked alongside the children to paint the murals under the guidance of Singaporean artist, Mary Bernadette Lee. The artist had earlier facilitated an arts workshop for the children and incorporated their original drawings and her illustrations as part of the mural designs. Catch some of SPO's volunteers in this behind-the-scenes video story as they share their personal thoughts and experiences on the Company’s corporate giving efforts.

The team of SPO volunteers with Singaporean artist, Mary Bernadette Lee.

SPO volunteers also mingled with the children to play games and facilitated art workshops for them to make Christmas decorations using materials such as recycled paper, paper plates and ice-cream sticks. The magician, affectionately known as Uncle Jimmy was a big hit with the children. He charmed the children with his entertaining magic show and games and brought much laughter and enthusiastic cheers from the little ones.

Children enjoying an entertaining magic show.

IMG_4265.JPG  IMG_4264-(3).JPG
Christmas decorations made by the children during art workshops facilitated by SPO volunteers.

The Project Painting Smiles 2019 was a great success, the children enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon and the volunteers returned home, contented that they have made a difference and helped bring the murals to fruition.

The centre presented SPO a hand-made card with Thank you messages penned by the children.