SPO Head office holds SPO Family Day and invites family members to the office for a fun-filled afternoon

“My daughter was very ecstatic to know about my work and colleagues. Bringing her to the office  painted a ray of sunshine all over her face and she had a lot of fun. Thanks to all the people behind this event and looking forward to future events.”

- Competence Assurance Analyst, Janice Nunez

In celebration of Singapore’s Eat With Your Family Day 2019 in September, SPO’s Head office held our very first SPO Family Day and opened our office doors to family members for a fun-filled afternoon. SPO Family Day was conceptualised and executed by the Family Day Planning Team, a small team of volunteers from SPO’s Wellness Committee, SPARK. SPARK aims to promote work-life balance and inject vibrancy at the workplace through a series of engaging activities. 

The SPO Family Day Planning Team and volunteers from SPO’s Wellness Committee, SPARK.

To hype up the excitement leading to the SPO Family Day, an Office Decoration Competition which centred around the theme, “Under the Sea” was announced. Employees were grouped into cross-functional teams to decorate the office spaces with the use of recycled materials.

SPO Colleagues making use of recycled materials to decorate the office space prior to the SPO Family Day

As the competition started to heat up closer the event date, we were impressed by the many artistic and creative talents among our colleagues. Colourful decorations of marine creatures, vessels and lighthouses contributed to the celebratory mood of the event. Many colleagues mingled and visited one another’s decorated spaces to check out the competition, and the interaction ignited much laughter and conversations at the workplace. 

IMG_2099.JPG  IMG_2090-Copy.JPG
SPO colleagues bringing their mini-mes to the office

At the start of the event, Peter Langslow, MD (Peter) gave an opening speech to welcome all the family
members and SPO employees who were gathered around the reception area at SPO’s Head office.

Managing Director, SPO, Peter Langslow delivering an opening speech.

An interesting host of activities were put together to entertain the family members, especially the little ones. Office rooms were transformed into fun game booths where our employees doubled-up as game
masters. Some of the games were even hand-made by our volunteers using egg trays and cans.

IMG_1986.JPG  IMG_1978.JPG
Meeting rooms were converted into game stations for the little ones and some of SPO's colleauges doubled up as station and game masters

A panel of judges comprising senior management and staff walked around the decorated office spaces to decide on the winning team for the Office Decoration Competition. Representatives from each team shared more about their creative concept in a bid to win the judges’ votes. Many employees also brought their family members around the office premises to show them their work places, introduce their colleagues and take photographs with the artistic marine-themed decorations in the office with their colleagues.

IMG_5686.JPG  IMG_5698-(1).JPG
Office spaces beautifully decorated according to the theme "Under The Sea"

IMG_2138-Copy.JPG  IMG_2134.JPG
Judges walked around the decorated office spaces to decide on the winning team for the Office Decoration Competition

There were also other activities including the Do-It-Yourself Terrarium workshop where participants can build their own terrarium to instill their love for nature, facepainting, and balloon sculpting. The photo booth at the main reception attracted many people to pose with an assortment of props to capture precious moments with their families and colleagues. The pantry was also a lively scene with people enjoying local snacks, cotton candy and ice cream.

Visitors flaunting their terrariums at the Do-It-Yourself Terrarium workshop.

Children enjoying ice cream in the office pantry.

Children enjoying magic tricks in SPO's Training Room.

The magic show was a hit with the children and peals of laughter and giggles could be heard as the magician entertained the young ones with his tricks.

Before the event was concluded, the much-awaited announcement of the Office Decoration  Competition was made by Global Head, HR, Eugene Loh and Team Nick’s Hall which comprised the Swire Pacific Ship Managment (SPSM) and the Competence Assurance Department (CAD) teams emerged as the winner.

IMG_2255.JPG  IMG_2272.JPG
The SPSM and CAD teams cheering when it was announced that their team was the winner of the Office Decoration Competition.

The team celebrated their victory with resounding cheers when the token trophy was presented to them by Peter. Peter also presented tokens of appreciation to all participating teams. We hope that everyone who attended the SPO Family Day event enjoyed themselves. Through this event, we have brought sparks of joy, forged new friendships, and created  opportunities for colleagues to know one another and their family members beyond the work context! Special thanks for the Family Day Planning Committee, volunteers, families and for everyone who has made the SPO Family Day a huge success.