Master on board Pacific Valour plans a cooking competition to bring cheer to crew

Master, Horas Efendi shares more about the cooking competition held on board Pacific Valour to keep spirits up amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

We hear you have been organising common meal preparation with your crew on board and getting them to vote for the best meal. Can you tell us more?

I wanted to do something to make the crew feel comfortable during this extended period so that they can continue to carry out their duties properly and safely. A large majority of our crew are Muslims and many of them really wanted to celebrate this annual holiday, “Hari Raya Idul Fitri” at home with their families. At the initial phase, there were lots of information which can be quite confusing, especially for the crew on board whose contract period had ended. I began to notice during mealtimes that some crew members’ appetite decreased. This observation was a cause for concern as our work duties remained high and it is important for our crew to get sufficient food and rest to stay healthy.

C/O, Haripa Ramses, Cook, Rully Febrian & MTM, Gidon Yohanis Lisu
(Left to Right): C/O, Haripa Ramses, Cook, Rully Febrian, MTM, Gidon Yohanis Lisu “testing” the food, Pisang ijo Jawa, an Indonesian dish prepared by AB, Saifudin Nadhif and AB, Hasan As’ari.

I toyed with ideas on how to improve their appetites and decided to create an interesting and positive atmosphere on board surrounding food – to rally the crew in a cooking competition and to create special and interesting food menus to lift their spirits and improve their appetites.

How have the response of the crew members been towards this cooking competition initiative? Are there any dishes that impressed or surprised the crew? Any disastrous ones?

I shared my idea of the cooking competition with our Cook, Chief Officer and Chief Engineer and we discussed the safety and hygiene issues and how to overcome them. Once settled, I called the crew and announced the cooking competition and was very happy to see their enthusiasm and excitement in participating in the competition.

Crew all smiles during the cooking competition
(Left to Right): MTM, Gidon Yahanis lisu, AB, Saifidin Nadhif, Master, Horas Efendi, AB, Achmad Milani and AB, Hasan As’ari all smiles during the cooking competition.

Crew members were divided then into four teams and they were supervised by Cooks and Chief Officers. The process of preparing menus, cooking and serving food was supervised by Chief Cook, Rully Febrian so that food hygiene and safety standards were maintained.

AB, Saifudin Nadhif & AB, Hasan As’ari
(Left to Right): Our happy first runner-up winners AB, Saifudin Nadhif and AB, Hasan As’ari with their dish, Pisang ijo Jawa made using ripe bananas.

Everyone put in their best effort to prepare their dishes. The superstar dish which received compliments from many of the crew members was the dish, Kapurung, made by MTM, Gidon Yohanis lisu and his assistant, AB, Basri Bandu. Kapurung originates from Palopo, South Sulawesi and is a broth soup mixed with vegetables such as sweet corn, spinach, tomatoes, green beans, banana flower and topping with meats such as chicken, shrimp, tuna fish with some ball-slime boiled sago. Fortunately, there were no disastrous meals as everyone put in their hearts and best effort to win the competition and everyone enjoyed the dishes.

AB, Basri Bandu & AB, Achmad Milani
(Left) AB, Basri Bandu with his bowl of delicious Kapurung. (Right) Second runner-up winner, AB, Achmad Milani with his special beverage, Bir Pletokan Betawi.

Have you discovered any talented Master Chefs among your crew?

All of the crew members are talented. But we do have one crew member, MTM, Gidon Yohanis Lisu who has good knowledge and taste of his traditional food. Thanks to his great culinary skills, we were able to sample authentic and delicious food from his country.

Crew members in the messroom
Crew members of Pacific Valour enjoying interesting dishes prepared by their fellow crew member in the Mess Room.