Crew on board Pacific Griffon learn new skills and knowledge despite challenging times

"When there is a sense of pride on board, it definitely helps everyone to stay positive."

- Master, Warren Jackson

In true SPO fashion, crew members on board have found ways to keep themselves productive and in good spirit in spite of the challenging circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Diamond Shape Net
(Left to Right): The transformation of an old broken gangway into a diamond day shape that forms part of the vessel’s navigational equipment.

Fleet Operations Superintendent, Rogelio Tayco Arcega Jr (Roger) joined the vessel for the Vessel Management Inspection & Vessel Internal Audit on 14 March 2020 and completed the audit on 17 March. Due to the travel restrictions caused by the ongoing pandemic, Roger remained on board Pacific Griffon until further notice. As the crew had time for training during this period, Roger conducted training workshops for TOPSET methodology, SMTC’s new Permit to Work (PTW) presentation and Spills Prevention presentations, as well as provided additional theoretical training for the seafarers on board. These training sessions have been highly beneficial for the crew.

Fleet Operations Superintendent, Rogelio Tayco Arcega Jr
Fleet Operations Superintendent, Rogelio Tayco Arcega Jr (Roger) who taught Pacific Griffon’s crew how to make the diamond day shape using scrap netting.

In the third week of May, Roger decided to do something more practical yet creative for his training. He coined the training session as “Seamanship Workshop for Deck Crew” and taught the crew how to make a diamond day shape, part of the vessel’s navigation equipment. What was interesting about this project was that the diamond day shape was made using basic and recycled materials readily found on board – the netting came from an old broken gangway net. The crew practised their whipping and splicing skills and converted the scrap into a beautiful day shape.

Pacific Griffon Crew Members
(Left to Right): Pacific Griffon’s ABs on board including Rufino Magracia Moreno, Noel Bautista Salcedo, Arnel Mustacho Magno and Dominador Aviso Herrera.

Beyond honing their workmanship and skills, the idea of every crew working hard together to be productive and to take pride in their work knowing that they have created something (a spare diamond shape for the vessel) that would make an improvement on board the vessel is key. When there is a sense of pride on board, it definitely helps everyone to stay positive. We salute our seafarers for facing adversity with optimism and hope and going the extra mile to learn new skills and knowledge on board.