Phishing emails impersonating SPO senior management

04 Jul 2018

Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (Pte) Ltd (SPO) has been alerted to a scam which involves a wave of emails purportedly from SPO’s Managing Director, Ron Mathison, requesting the recipient to open a link to view “protected documents”. Email addresses used to impersonate the Managing Director include “” and “”.

Please note that these email addresses are fake and are not associated with SPO in any way. Recipients are advised not to click on any hyperlinks or open any attachments embedded in the phishing emails and to delete the emails from your mailbox immediately. Opening the attachments and/or links may expose your computer to malware and other cyber security risks.

Recipients are also advised not to respond to such emails. Please also be aware that the fraudsters may be using email accounts and/or aliases other than those identified above. Should you receive a suspicious-looking message similar to the below or purporting to be from SPO’s Senior Management, please alert us at