Impersonation of SPO official website 

12 Jul 2016

Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (Pte) Ltd (SPO) has been alerted to a scam which involves phishing websites that appear similar to our official website. Please be advised that the only official website for Swire Pacific Offshore is

The nature of the scam remains unclear but it is possible that the scammer may use the phishing website to mislead potential targets and induce them into disclosing personal information that might be used for illegal purposes such as identity theft or financial fraud. SPO takes such scams very seriously and we have already brought down the website which infringed our company’s copyrights.

However, there are other websites that may resemble our official website or contain some reference to “Swire Pacific Offshore” or “SPO” (whether in the text or in the website address). Some of these may end with domain suffixes such as .com,,, .net, .org or others, instead of These sites are fake and have no connection to SPO and are not associated with SPO or its subsidiaries. Please be aware that scammers may be using various aliases and websites other than those identified above, some of which may appear when one searches the internet for “Swire Pacific Offshore”, “SPO” or similar.

The reader is advised to exercise caution when clicking on any hyperlinks embedded in emails, or on links thrown up by internet search results. Should you receive or come across any suspicious-looking website that appears to be similar to our official website or that purports to be connected to Swire Pacific Offshore, please alert us at