Offshore Supply Services

SPO has a total of 22 Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) in the fleet, all equipped with Dynamically Positioned (DP) systems. There are four classes of PSVs in the fleet namely, L, H, G and A Class. These vessels are designed with ample tank capacities and sufficient deck space suited for a variety of platform supply duties and various ancillary logistical requirements. With modifications, some of SPO’s PSVs have proven their versatility in lending support to subsea survey operations.

Some of SPO’s platform supply support services include:

  • Carriage, storage and supply of materials, goods, equipment, products and drilling fluids to and from assets and installations located offshore
  • Transportation of personnel to and from offshore located assets and installations
  • Floatel services as may be required

Some notable projects include:

In July 2017, SPO Australia began supporting the hook-up and commissioning phase of the world’s first Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) with an oil major off North Western Australia. This mega project has been our client’s flagship project since the 488-metre long Prelude FLNG first began construction in Korea in 2013.

SPO was awarded a three-vessel contract and our PSVs namely, the Pacific Hornbill, the Pacific Greylag and the Pacific Grackle have successfully supported the hook-up operations and the start-up phase for almost two years. These three vessels are part of the company’s PSV fleet, and boast a large clear deck space, enormous bulk capacity and a fuel-efficient electric generation plant that provides economic fuel operations. SPO’s H Class vessels have a clear deck space of 1,000mand the G Class vessels have a clear deck space of 810m2.

Pacific Hornbill along the FLNG off north western Australia

The project had added layers of complexities as the weather-vaning FLNG was attached to an Accommondation Support Vessel (ASV) by the gangway. SPO's vessels were required to support both the FLNG and the ASV in a highly dynamic environment amidst challenging weather conditions. To do so, SPO collaborated closely with the DP provider, General Electric (GE) and the client to create and incorporate an updated capability within the existing DP system. This allowed our vessels to follow the ASF and conduct cargo and fuel transfer operations safely and smoothly whilst in DP mode. SPO is honoured to be actively involved in the successful implementation and operation of the hook-up and commissioning phase and to play an integral role in this milestone project.