Subsea & ROV Support

SPO’s experience in supporting ROV projects from DP vessels dates back to 1978 when we took delivery of the Pacific Constructor (formally known as the Seabed Constructor), a high-specification DP crane barge. The vessel was widely used for several successful DP construction projects. Since then, the SPO fleet of AHTS, PSVs and Subsea Multi-purpose vessels have undertaken a myriad of subsea operations in major oil and gas fields and renewables sectors globally.

SPO has Observation Class and Heavy Duty Work Class ROVs permanently integrated into the vessels, deployed from AHC A-frame or moonpool LARS systems. The Observation Class ROVs are rated for 2,000 metres and the WROVs are rated for 2,000 metres to 6,000 metres water depths.

SPO's R Class vessel, Pacific Raider provided ROV services to a key client from 2003 to 2008 in Azerbaijan.

SPO offers support services in Subsea & ROV operations such as:

  • Inspection, maintenance and repairs - platforms, subsea structures, rig mooring systems and pipeline surveys
  • Light construction support
  • Survey and seabed mapping
  • Air dive support
  • Deep sea salvage

Some notable projects include:

The Pacific Retriever went straight from delivery to Mexico supporting various clients’ ROV projects out of the port of Ciudad del Carmen.

The Pacific Prospector was chartered by a client in Qatar to work as a field standby, supply and support vessel in a production oil & gas field off the north east coast of Qatar in the Persian Gulf. The vessel was used for sea eye ROV inspection of the platform legs, FSO hull and in-field pipes. During the five-and-a-half years’ charter, the vessel impressed the client with its zero LTI record and received rave praises.

One of our W Class vessels has been working offshore Equatorial Guinea since 2004 providing ROV services in the deepwater Zafiro field. The vessel has consistently provided safe and reliable services to the client for more than a decade.

Recovery of long-lost engines from NASA Apollo 11 Space programme at 4,200 metres depth

In 2013, Pacific Worker (formally known as the Seabed Worker) was chartered to recover the F-1 engines launched during the historic Apollo 11 missions as part of an expedition led by CEO and Chairman of Amazon, Jeff Bezos. Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to land on the moon in 1969. The 32-million horsepower engines then sunk three miles deep in the Atlantic, where they rested for over 30 years until they were successfully re-located and salvaged by Pacific Worker, with the use of its state-of-the-art deep-sea sonar and the two modern Schilling HD work class Remotely Operated Vehicles rated 5,000 metres.

 Apollo-11-Engines.jpg  Apollo 11 Engines ROV
Pacific Worker's Schilling HD work class ROVs conducting deep sea salvage of Apollo 11 engines. 

Record-breaking salvage of more than 110 tonnes of silver from an Atlantic shipwreck at 4,700 metres depth

In 2012, the Pacific Worker was involved in one of the heaviest and deepest recovery of precious metals from a shipwreck known to date. A record-breaking of more than 110 tonnes of silver (2,800 bars of silver) worth 38 million pounds were successfully recovered from the SS Gairsoppa shipwreck, at a depth of 4,700 metres.

110 tonnes of silver  ROV
110 tonnes of silver recovered from an Altantic shipwreck by Pacific Worker's Schilling HD ROVs.

Malaysia Airlines MH 370 AUV Search

In 2018, the Pacific Constructor (formally known as the Seabed Constructor) was deployed by Ocean Infinity to resume the search for the wreckage of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370, which vanished over the Indian Ocean in March 2014. Pacific Constructor played an instrumental role in the renewed search efforts as the host vessel for simultaneous survey missions performed by an advanced fleet of eight Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) utilising multi-frequency side scan sonar and multi-beam echo-sounders.

Pacific Constructor searching for the missing MH 370 with a USV and AUV.