Seismic Survey Support

Established in 2007, SPO Survey Services integrates specialist seismic technical expertise into SPO's industry-leading fleet and global network of services to the offshore sector. SPO Survey Services operates as a one-stop solution for marine support with a proven track record in servicing 2D and 3D shallow water acquisition surveys, offering vessels with the capacity to respond to a broad variety of scenarios on different scales across the seismic field.

Some of SPO Survey Services core services include:

  • Operation of 2D and 3D seismic source vessels
  • Operation of seismic support vessels
  • Operation of ocean-bottom cable (OBC) laying vessels
  • Operation of ocean-bottom node (OBN) laying vessels
  • New building and conversion of vessels for seismic
  • Third party ship management

Pacific Finder, one of SPO's specialised seismic vessels in the fleet.

Some notable projects include:

The SPO Survey Services have developed a niche specialisation in shallow water seismic operations following the acquisition of specialised seismic vessels, namely, the Pacific Finder and the Pacific Falcon. SPO Survey Services has also forged a sound reputation as a dependable support vessel operator and works closely with clients to customise existing vessels with bespoke back deck arrangements. SPO Survey Services also offers clients rental or purchase of standard specialised seismic equipment, including containerised compressors for source packages, containerised PHU packages, streamers and cable winches and has experience managing Offshore Support Vessels in seismic support and node/cable-laying operations.