ROV Support

SPO’s experience in supporting ROV projects from DP vessels date back to 1978 when we took delivery of the Pacific Constructor, a high-specification DP crane barge. The vessel was widely used for several successful DP construction projects. Since then, the SPO fleet of AHTS and PSVs have undertaken a myriad of ROV operations in major oil and gas fields globally.

Our subsidiary company, Swire Seabed has heavy duty Work Class ROVs permanently integrated into the vessels, deployed from AHC A-frame or moonpool LARS systems. The WROVs are rated for 2,000 metres to 6,000 metres water depths. Swire Seabed specialises in delivering fully integrated subsea project services including Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) and reliable ROV  support services to the oil & gas and renewables sectors worldwide.  

SPO's R Class vessel, Pacific Raider provided ROV services to a key client from 2003 to 2008 in Azerbaijan.

Some of SPO’s ROV support services include:

  • Inspection, maintenance and repairs - platforms, subsea structures, rig mooring systems and pipeline surveys

Some notable projects include:

The Pacific Retriever went straight from delivery to Mexico supporting various clients’ ROV projects out of the port of Ciudad del Carmen.

The Pacific Prospector was chartered by a client in Qatar to work as a field standby, supply and support vessel in a production oil & gas field off the north east coast of Qatar in the Persian Gulf. The vessel was used for sea eye ROV inspection of the platform legs, FSO hull and in-field pipes. During the five and a half years charter, the vessel impressed the client with its zero LTI record and received rave praises.

One of our W Class vessels has been working offshore Equatorial Guinea since 2004 providing ROV services in the deepwater Zafiro field and has consistently provided safe and reliable services to the client for more than a decade.

Pacific Liberty and Pacific Legacy taken during the five months when SPO worked with a key client on the east coast India for KGD6, primarily for construction support. (Check SPOtlight article)