Anchor Handling Tug Supply Services

With 42 Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessels, SPO has one of the largest fleets of Dynamically Positioned (DP) Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) Vessels in the industry. Our AHTS fleet comprises different classes of vessels, namely D, C, W, V, R and P Class, which are equipped with varying bollard pull capacities, cargo capacities and deck capacities to suit the clients’ needs, capable of working in various water depths.

Some of SPO’s Anchor Handling Tug Supply services include:

  • Rig moves – handling, retrieval, deployment of anchors
  • Anchor handling for pipe-lay barges
  • Towage assistance during tanker loading and offtakes
  • Transportation of drilling liquids and materials, on deck cargo for supply to rigs and platforms
  • Pre-laying & tensioning of mooring systems for rigs
  • Supporting FPSO/production platforms
  • Accommodating contractor personnel working on offshore projects and campaigns

Pacific Diligence conducting a mooring system exchange offshore Vietnam

Some notable projects include:

SPO’s C Class vessel, the Pacific Champion supported the semi-submersible, West Aquarius operations for an oil major in Vietnam. The vessel served as the lead anchor handler for the rig moves. The vessel subsequently moved across to a new programme and worked on supply and standby operations, with a special focus on soliton watch, and performed cargo runs out of Chi Wan base in Shenzhen, China. Its sister vessel, the Pacific Centurion, upon her delivery was promptly activated for deep water drilling rig support for an Australian client.

The Pacific Defiance, delivered in February 2013, was immediately put out to work on anchor handling duties for the rig, Ocean Monarch offshore Indonesia and assisted with the change out of heavy anchors of rig, Doo-Sung in Singapore. Her sister vessel, the Pacific Dolphin, operated on 24-hour AHTS duties for rig, Safe Astoria offshore Indonesia whilst the Pacific Dove, supported a key client for four years from April 2014 offshore Brazil. Sister vessel, the Pacific Diligence was chartered for a two-year rig support campaign off West Africa from July 2015.