Accommodation/Work Barge Support

SPO owns and operates two I Class vessels, namely the Pacific Intrepid and the Pacific Installer. These accommodation barges have 372 berths and built to Shiptech design, with the capacity to carry liquids, mud and dry bulk. These vessels have large warehouses ideal for storage of project equipment and consumables. The vessels’ main crane is rated for offshore service, at a maximum safe working load of 200 tonnes and capable of operating to water depths of 1,000 metres. The vessels were delivered with a “Green Passport”. Our accommodation barges can be positioned alongside installations and offshore locations to serve as field operation centres for clients.

Some of SPO’s accommodation/work barge support services include:

  • Offshore accommodation & catering
  • Offshore warehousing & storage
  • Support of offshore infrastructure installation

Some notable projects include:

In July 2018, SPO’s accommodation barge, the Pacific Intrepid was awarded a short-term contract to assist in the rejuvenation work of Betty platform in the waters of Sarawak, Malaysia. Pacific Intrepid strived to be the best by providing the warmest hospitality services offshore, like a home away from home. The Hari Raya Aidil Adha celebration put up by the crew on board was warmly welcomed by everyone on board. The client was highly impressed by the impeccable culinary skills of our catering team which served a delectable spread of local, international cuisine and pastries in a five-star hotel style. Ongoing efforts have been made to optimise work efficiency and reinforce workplace safety, from revising the anchor pattern to enhance productivity in relation to the crane utilisation and gangway connection and providing a counter-solution to the client to re-position the barge to avoid blind-lift prior to performing complicated lifts.

Pacific Vixen, one of SPO's AHTS vessels, towing Pacific Intrepid.

“When I first step foot onto Pacific Intrepid, I was impressed by the cleanliness and how well-maintained the barge was. And the vessel even smelled good! Thanks to Captain Hau and crew for the dedication and hard work in ensuring the safe execution of the critical lifting to the platform. Also, special thanks to Campboss Renato for the excellent service rendered to us. I’ve received positive feedback from my colleagues that the food served on board Pacific Intrepid is the best around Sarawak waters. If I were to rate Pacific Intrepid, I’ll give her five stars!”

Company Site Representative, Petronas, Teh Mei Li