Salvage & Emergency Response

Swire Emergency Response (SER) was formed by the integration of two of Swire Pacific Offshore's (SPO) specialised companies, Swire Salvage and Swire Emergency Response Services (SERS). Established in 2015, SER aims to offer our clients flexible and tailored services to manage incidents and marine casualties worldwide in a safe and professional manner.

The integration brings together the key competencies, resources and expertise of SPO and her affiliated companies, to provide five core services namely:

  • Marine Towage
  • Marine Salvage
  • Emergency Preparedness & Response
  • Consultancy & Project Management
  • Environmental Consultancy & Training

SER owns and maintains a comprehensive pool of specialist salvage and oil spill response equipment in strategic locations globally. This is complemented with a pool of experienced personnel, both onshore and offshore, including Salvage Masters, Salvage Engineers, Naval Architects, Oil Spill Response teams, Salvage Divers and Firefighters which SER can easily have access to.

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Marine Towage

SER offers a global towage capability, consultancy work, preparation of towage plans and rental of emergency towage packages and equipment to serve both emergency towage and commercial towage markets.

Marine Salvage

SER has the capability to respond to maritime emergencies around the world safely and promptly. It supports various salvage operations by offering lightering and re-floating of vessels, distressed cargo management, firefighting, oil removal and ROV support, wreck inspection and assessment and diving services.

SPO's C Class vessel, Pacific Champion towing a vessel.

Emergency Preparedness and Response

SER has strategically positioned resources and a wide range of response capabilities prepared to respond 24/7 to oil spill incidents and management of hazardous noxious substances.

Marine Consultancy and Project Management

SER delivers high quality turn-key solutions with its team of technical and project management consultants. The team can also oversee the development and delivery of specialised salvage and marine projects globally.

Environmental Consultancy and Training

SER provides consultancy services such as gap analysis, capability reviews, risk assessments, preparation and review of oil spill contingency plans and emergency response plans. In addition, SER also delivers industry standard training courses, onsite or at SPO’s flagship training facility, Swire Marine Training Centre (SMTC) in Singapore. Over the years, SER has amassed an impressive track record, from the rescue of MV Benita, a vessel that ran aground in Le Bouchon, Mauritius, to oil spill preparedness and support at Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa.

Some notable projects of SER include:

Environmental disaster averted in Le Bouchon, Mauritius

In June 2016, the MV Benita, a 44,000 dwt bulk carrier ran aground in Le Bouchon, Mauritius whilst in ballast. SER was mobilised by partner salvage company, Five Oceans Salvage, to attend the incident site with Oil Spill Response equipment and personnel. SER personnel were on site in Mauritius and assessing the incident, within 18 hours of the call. The vessel was carrying approximately 140-tonnes of heavy fuel oil and had spilled a small amount.

Video credit: Five Ocean Salvage

While the salvors began to remove the fuel, SER personnel began the process of cleaning up the spilt oil. The location was very rocky and required the construction of a platform to serve as the base for the operations and to facilitate the delivery of the equipment by helicopter.

Artboard-7-(1).png  Artboard-8.png
MV Benita aground on Le Bouchon, Mauritius.

As part of the emergency response, SER also conducted unmanned aerial vehicle surveys and operated small ROV submersibles to support the salvage operations. At the height of the operations, the SER team of personnel was managing 40 local fishermen who were contracted by the local government to assist in the clean-up operations.

First overflight undertaken by the SER’s Emergency Response Manager.

Oil Spill Preparedness and Support, Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa

In 2015, SER was approached by a client to provide the full suite of oil spill and emergency response services in Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa. As part of the project, a SER consultancy team visited Cote d’Ivoire on two occasions to conduct research so as to design an oil spill contingency plan that could meet the specific requirements of the client.

Prior to the commencement of the drilling operations, SER provided bespoke offshore containment and recovery packages, a shoreline response package and dispersant application package, to be ready on standby in the event of an oil spill during the drilling operations. Training was carried out for the local response team and the vessel crew involved in the operations of the equipment. Oil spill management training was also carried out in French for the company and local personnel who were involved. In addition, awareness training was conducted for the client’s business support team that is based in London.

Oil Spill, Emergency and Crisis Management Support, Papua New Guinea

In 2017, SER’s emergency response specialists delivered several training courses to a client who was about to undertake operations in Papua New Guinea. The training delivered covered topics including Crisis Management, Incident Command System, Oil Spill Management and Relative Response. Prior to the commencement of the activities, SER also deployed specific offshore containment and recovery equipment on site and conducted training for the deployment of vessel crew.

During the actual operations, SER Emergency Response specialists were mobilised 24/7 to support the client in the event of any incident. Throughout the operation, Tier Two support was also provided by SER’s local partner, Pacific Towing PNG.