Corporate Governance

SPO aims to uphold the highest standards of corporate governance, as we believe that good governance supports long-term value creation and is the foundation of the company’s sustainability. The company is governed by a set of sound policies and processes. These serve to enhance accountability and corporate performance, as well as protect the interests of stakeholders. The SPO Board of Directors is responsible for SPO's corporate governance standards and policies.

Corporate Governance System (CGS)
SPO has a Corporate Governance System (CGS) in place which covers the company’s principles, corporate policies and standard operating procedures that both shore-based and seagoing employees must adhere to.

Implemented in 2018, the CGS focuses on developing a structured framework using best practices as a guide to continuously streamline SPO’s operations and ensure that the company adheres to the ISO9001:2015 standards. It can be accessed by all shore-based and seagoing employees across the business. This ensures that employees have better visibility of the relevant procedures and guidelines, thereby reducing time wastage and allowing for better management of associated risks. The CGS portal also aims to improve compliance, drive accountability and heighten overall efficiency of the company to ensure that the business is fit for purpose and future-ready.

Corporate Policies 
SPO has a set of corporate policies that applies to all shore-based and seagoing employees. These policies establish the rules of co​nduct within the company, outline the responsibilities of both employees and employer, and must be adhered to at all times. Designed to maintain robust internal controls as well as provide guidance and assistance for employees to carry out their duties in an efficient manner, these policies include:​

Confidential Whistleblowing System

An employee or outside party can report about potential non-compliance acts e.g. corruption, theft, fraud, workplace harassment or other breaches to the company’s Code of Conduct (CoC) through any of the following channels:

  • Email:
  • Telephone number: (+65) 966 50647
  • Confidential Whistleblowing Form: download form
  • Mailing Address: Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (Pte) Ltd, 300 Beach Road, #15-01, The Concourse, Singapore 199555
    (Addressed to: Darren Strangeway. Please clearly mark it as “Private and Confidential”)

Employees or outside parties are encouraged to use this guide.